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    Roof renovation

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    Need a roof renovation done? The best choice for a new tile roof or flat roof that will last for years to come. For competitive costs and based on a clear price, so there are no surprises.

    The roof is the part of the house that suffers the most. Heavy rain, strong winds, bright sun and frost during the winter months: the roof must be able to withstand it. Even the most durable materials start to show wear over time, making it important to have them looked at properly.

    We inspect the roofing and advise you on the condition of the roof. Does the covering appear to have had its best time and vulnerable spots have appeared? We will bring you a free quote with the price for a roof renovation. A good choice if the roof structure has deteriorated or if sagging is already present. Important problems that you should have a professional look at in a timely manner.


    As soon as the end of a roof’s lifespan approaches, it is important to have it looked at by a specialist. Before we do tiled roof renovation and costing, we always do a free roof inspection. We check the condition of the roof and where the vulnerable areas are. We take pictures and videos, so we can show that to you as well

    Be sure to have a roof renovation done in a timely manner. Various problems with the roof expand invisibly, which can quickly increase costs further in a short period of time.

    Calculate the average cost of a roof renovation? We are happy to explain what those costs depend on. We’ll show you how a timely renovation will prove to be an investment, helping you avoid higher costs for complete replacement.



    Avoiding a roof renovation or putting it off for a while? Then it is wise to have timely roof maintenance performed. For example, bird nuisance, as well as other roof problems. We extend the life of the roof and prevent leaks, damage and very high costs that you don’t want.

    We assess the situation and point out the signs that indicate it is time to have a refurbishment done. In doing so, avoid the high cost of a leak repair, which would also cause many more problems. We show porous joints, just like a chimney overgrown with moss. That way, avoid being late with a chimney renovation. We beoordelen de voegen, het lood, de bovenplaat en belangrijke schoorsteenkappen die in goede staat moeten worden gehouden.

    Curious about the options and price of a roof renovation? Contact us and we will give you a free quote.

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