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    Bird nuisance

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    Suffering from bird nuisance and wondering what you can do about it? Have bird guards installed so the birds will look for another place. We prevent roof nuisance without animal-unfriendly methods of control. We help prevent bird nuisance in your gutter.

    In particular, crows, pigeons and gulls cause a lot of nuisance in the Netherlands. Their presence is sometimes enough, but in most cases it involves droppings, germs and attracting other pests. Would you like to do something about it, but not sure where to start? We provide bird proofing, effectively preventing bird nuisance on the roof or in the gutter.

    Bird protection on the roof

    Are you experiencing noise pollution from the birds or are the nests getting in the way of roof drainage? Blockages can lead to major problems, making it important to do something about them in a timely manner. The chimney and ventilation ducts can also have problems, making it wise to keep a close eye on them.

    We survey the bird nuisance, on the roof and in the gutter. Based on our findings, we provide bird-friendly bird protection. Control without the animals having to suffer, by enticing them to build their nests in a place more suitable for them.

    Bird-proofing is available in a number of different varieties. You can think of bird nuisance on the roof and in the gutter:

    • Bird spikes
    • Roofguards
    • Solarguards
    • Chimney Covers



    As soon as you suffer from bird nuisance, we are happy to come to you. You thus benefit from a number of important advantages:

    • Roof and gutter free of birds
    • No problems with food scraps and biting bird droppings
    • Prevent nests and blockages
    • No pecking damage, contamination and damage from feces
    • Protect the gutter from splashing water
    • Free of birds in your chimney flue
    • No noise pollution

    Wondering what we can do for you if you have bird nuisance on the roof or in the gutter? Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote.

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