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    Storm damage roof

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    Suffered storm damage to your roof? Please contact us if leakage has occurred. We offer 24/7 emergency service and will come to you immediately. A good roof will last for years, even in high winds and heavy rain. Did the roof unfortunately no longer withstand the violent influences of the typical Dutch weather? No worries, our specialists will come to you. We quickly provide a (temporary) solution or provide a no-obligation quote if there is less of an urgency.

    We are available to you day and night, to locate and solve the problems. We record what broke or caused the storm damage. That way, we will fix the leakage and also help you prevent it from happening again.


    Suffering from storm damage with no rush? Contact us and our specialists will help you track down what’s going on. We find the actual problems and identify what else may have broken down. That way, we will show you what needs to be replaced or what risks you face with the roof’s current condition.

    This prevents leakage from storm damage, which can reveal itself even after a long time. Storm damage to the roof can have major consequences, making it important to have it looked at by a specialist in a timely manner. We prevent bigger problems by intervening in time.



    Suffering from acute storm damage to the roof and need something done about it as soon as possible? We specialize in roofing, chimney renovations and the repair of all kinds of roof damage.

    Contact us and our specialists will assess what is going on. We’ll come to you or provide some helpful tips right away so you can prevent leaks or mitigate their effects. And is there less of a rush? We will provide a no-obligation quote that will help us prevent or repair the storm damage at your place.

    Expert honest advice

    Free roof inspection

    24/7 service

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    Up to 15 years warranty

    25 years of experience